About Us

I was born and raised in an RGV small town and have co-owned several businesses with my husband. Throughout our 17 years of marriage we’ve owned a Repo Company, Pastry Shop, Party Palace and presently own a Wrecker Service. All successful and ran their course in our life taking us to our next chapter. With our Wrecker service doing well, thanks to our employees, we thought, what will our next endeavor be? I had still been creating cakes on the side since closing my Pastry shop and had been wanting to open a small boutique…

 I wanted something cool and hip, somewhere you could shop and hangout. Thought a cute boutique with a “small” coffee bar in the back would be great and I thought the teenagers would dig it. If you know my husband, if this was something he believed in he was going to do it full force and figure out how to save money while doing it. So, he decided I’d run the Boutique and he’d roast his own coffee beans for the “small” coffee bar. With an 8 oz coffee roaster after a lot of samples and burned beans, 4 Dogs Roasting Co. was born. Our coffee was good and our employees, friends and family loved it. BUT, my 2 beautiful daughters still wanted to go to the nearest franchise for iced coffee.So our Cold Brew was created and several months later I got my boutique… Well Kinda.

Contact Us!
Phone: 956-230-1048
Email: girlofalltrades@yahoo.com
Address: 102 W. Jackson St. Harlingen, TX 78550

Hours of Operations
Monday-Saturday: 7am-6pm
Sunday : 8am-6pm